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Naruto Shippuden episode 83: Target – Lock On

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 83: Target – Lock On

Naruto Shippuuden – Episode 83

Tsuande tells Sakura to relay to Naruto that she will send another team as reinforcements for Shikamaru if he does not complete his new jutsu in 24 hours. Naruto doubles his efforts with Yamato to finish his training. Kakashi and the rest of Shikamaru’s team gather to go over Shikamaru’s battle tactics for facing Hiden and Kakazu. Shikamaru hands Kakashi an empty glass vial and asks him to use it if he sees an opening. With the sealing of the Two-Tails complete, Hidan and Kakuzu continue their mission to travel to Konoha to retrieve Asuma’s body and to capture Naruto. Using Ino’s technique to possess bodies, they are able to use a hawk to spot Hidan and Kakuzu on route to Konoha. Shikamaru engages them and manages to trap them in his Shadow Imitation technique using the chakra blades left to him from Asuma. He uses Hidan to attack Kakuzu but he latter is able to free himself by using his detached hand. Shikamaru forces Kakuzu into backing into a tree, where Choji is waiting to crush down on him with his Spiked Meat Tank technique.

Naruto Chapter 424: Kakashi’s Last Breath

Post Author: Bob
Oh my God! They killed Kakashi! You Bastards! Well, Kakashi is not officially dead yet, but Kishimoto certainly seems to be going that way. And holy crap, Kishi killed off Choza too in this chapter and we didn’t even get to see how Pein delivered the fatal blow to him. And Choji just lost Asuma to Akatsuki recently too, and now his dad? This is just too much for the poor guy; This was a really eventful chapter, but I think things may be moving too fast or at least the changes are to drastic and unpredictable; especially when you consider how many pages were devoted to the final scenes of other characters who have died: Third Hokage, Jiraiya, Asuma. It just doesn’t seem right to off Kakashi in such a short battle sequence. And although sacrificing himself to save Choji is a honourable and touching move – I still think Kakashi deserves something grander.

Tsunade, meanwhile, is sending her sluggies around to heal all the wounded shinobis in the village. But she really needs to send a couple of slugs over to Kakashi pronto! Kakashi’s life is worth 1000 times that of these no name ninjas. C’mon Tsunade, get your priorities straight! Heal the main characters first! As you can imagine, trying to heal all the injured in the village at once will be a huge drain on Tsunade – something that creep Danzo will be more than happy to exploit. Danzo is just a scheming opportunist who may spout about doing everything for the good of Konoha, but really only wants to gain power for himself. While innocents are being killed on the streets above, he orders his own men to hide underground and wait until the fighting has ended to seize control for themselves. Even if he does manage to overthrow Tsunade, I hope the people of Konoha will reject him because he is a cowardly backstabber.

On the other front, Inoichi Yamanaka and his team are doing what looks like a genjutsu lobotomy on the poor Rain ninja’s brain. Using giant scrolls embedded in the brain, they scan through the ninja’s memories for any clues which might reveal Pein’s secrets. Inoichi is so talented that he can go through an entire day full of memories in 30 seconds. Even so, with so much to analyze, it will take a while to sift through it all. Shizune and some ANBU arrive to help guard them in case Pein targets the interrogation room – a precaution which is well warranted as Animal Realm and Human Realm Pein zero in on them.

During Inoichi’s interrogation of the Rain ninja’s brain, one memory fragment shows the Rain ninja and his partner lugging a body to Pein’s tower in his village. Apparently they’ve been ordered to conduct this duty for many years – leading to the conclusion that Pein must have a large collection of bodies at his disposal. The body that the two Rain ninja had brought in during the memory sequence is that of a girl, and if you look closely it is actually the body of who we now know as Animal Realm Pein. With a huge number of bodies at his command, Pein will never run out of replacements, making him seemingly immortal. And as I’ve suggested in the past, with so many bodies channelling chakra to him, this may explain why Pein is also seemingly unbeatable in combat.

And for the last scene of the chapter, God Realm Pein leaves after believing he has killed everyone. But Choji is still alive and can move because his father shielded him from Pein’s attacks – at the cost of his own life. Kakashi also managed to survive because he had used his Mangekyou Sharingan ability to send the nail Pein flicked at him to another dimension. However, Kakashi is now critically low on chakra. Under Kakashi’s orders, Choji rushes off to inform Tsunade of what they’ve learned. But that dang Demon Realm Pein refuses to die and fires a missile to kill Choji as he is leaving. Kakashi makes the selfless decision to protect the village to the end and uses his MS to swallow up Pein’s missile, allowing Choji to flee. Unfortunately, the cost will be Kakashi’s life. Say it ain’t so, Kishi! And even worse still, the next chapter, 424, won’t come out for another two weeks!