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Curse of The Black Fire (part II)

Post Author: rjtachyon777

part 1
Previously, Sasuke face new naruto as he unleashed his improved abilities.



it was sasuke last shout after it hit by naruto’s another version of ransengan. Sasuke tramples down back to the ground and created explosion due to his impact. And a much louder and intense explosion due to naruto’s ransengan.

“oh, even Pein one body didn’t manage to escape that attack, but you, you deflect it easily, but then, I did’nt mean to hurt you, sasuke, you’ve forced me to do it… I know you are far stronger than before, stand up there and show what you’ve got!” naruto speaking as he looks at the crater made by his ransengan.

“I admit, Im hurt, and surely you are stronger by ten folds or so, I suppose not underestimated you from the start!” sasuke speaking while standing up.. his two palms are slightly wounded.

“We should not suppose fighting each other, sasuke, let’s stop this fight! we can work together to attain peace…peace our ancestors have dreamed of” naruto begging at sasuke

“Hahahaha, are you talking about peace?! My life has no peace at all, My peace lies only on the death of Konoha!!!, as long as they are alive, my heart will live to avenge, this is my fate, this is my very goal!, so get out of my way NOW!!!” sasuke on his verge of despair and anger.

“if that is the case, i have no choice but to stop you at all cost, you are one of these people I cared the most, but I can’t let you hurt the people of my father.” naruto speaking with saddened heart.

“So then, feel the agony of thousand deaths, and pain of thousand degree burn!” sasuke speaking while performing a hand seal

Black Fog, Darkness reveal, technique!” sasuke. This technique envelops a black fog around him…”Spread!!!” like a swifting shadows, fogs scatters and darkness rules

Kage bushin times two, times two, times two!” naruto creating his new clones.

“Hahaha, You’re foolish naruto! your pathetic technique will not work this time!” sasuke speaking from a distance.

“Don’t underestimate the gift of my mother, and soon you’ll know, they also inherit the gift of my father” naruto speaking while sensing what will be sasuke’s next move.

“Accept these naruto, thousand lightning blades,” sasuke throws blades from his paper tags infused with lightning.

as these blades barrage rush to naruto, his clones, so quick stop them, but to sasuke surprise naruto’s clones come and readily hit by blades. Well, the purpose is simple, when they are destroyed they create a luminous force field that deflect the other blades..

As naruto controls this field, sasuke performs his prior plan. Beforehand, he created a clone who stayed underground, exactly under naruto’s location. with sasuke’s signal his clone emerges and give a slash. But, naruto in time dodges it, unfortunately, loses control of the field which protect him from sasuke lightning blade. He almost manage to escape the blade but not the final blade thrown by sasuke himself.

“Gotcha! now my turn!” sasuke open his eyes and activate his mangekyou sharingan

Naruto was hit in the shoulder and fall to the ground. Naruto is shocked as when blade struck the ground, an enormous current, electrifies him that momentarily make him dizzy. And suddenly, as he regain his consciousness the place has changed. His arms and legs are chained. He is suspended in a hell – like place from which the heat causes unbearable pain. From a distance in front of him, his fire – fox beast was also chained. And the chain suppress the chakra flow, and tightened every second. What worst is, the pain felt by naruto, ten folds to that on the beast!

The pointed and sharp rocks’ debris struck to nine-tailed fox body…The roar of the fox echoed, and its thunderous sound perpetuate the agony it feels.

“All this time, we’ve been together… You leak your power for me to surpass my enemies…you were there in times I’m in near death situations, and maybe you are evil as anyone thinks of you…but then your deeds sometimes conceives a heroic effect… saving me as your host, i know, is not your primary goal…your heart and my heart merged to become one, thus, you wanted me to be your partner, right?” naruto speaking sincerely as his tears slowly to fall.

The fox in its weakened state answer by a faint roar.

“Im helplessly sorry, I want to tell you, I appreciate everything you did, I want to say I care for you…this time, please remember this, Im not your host, but your friend, your partner! Even if I will die now, I will assure you, my blood will let you live, and my soul set you free” naruto shouting even in his now weakened state. As his tears fell to the liquefied fire, light emerges and floats, then proceeds to the chest of the fox. As the fox roar, the light burst and the place become an intense white space.

In the real scene, sasuke walks towards naruto who is still lying on the ground.

“Im very sorry naruto, your life will end here…But even i will kill you now, your blood can’t rinse the curse within me, a curse this black fire has spelled” sasuke speaking with his mind.

“Goodbye naruto!” sasuke now points his sword to naruto’s chest.

Its mid day, a torrid heat of the sun let sasuke perspire, but his sword reflect the real light…blinding light, as he then raise and come to forcefully stab it to naruto’s heart!

To be continued…

Will it be the end of naruto, what will happen next?