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SHANNARO!!!manga ch XVI: Gofuuungan vs Gofuuungan

post author: white shinobi
Sephiroth: Gonfuunton: Gonfuunryuudan (5 Element Release: 5 Element Dragon Blast).
Chaos: Same to you Gonfuunton: Gonfuunryuudan.
the dragons clash and destroy each other but both sephiroth and chaos are already making handseals:
Sephiroth: Gofuunton:Gofuunyame ( 5 Element Release: 5 Element Arrow Rain)
Chaos: Gofuunton: Gofuunheki (5 Element Release: 5 Element Barrier)

thousands of arrows shoot at Chaos but chaos uses his barier to block them, then he shoots the barrier at sephiroth who dodges it and throws some shuriken to chaos.

Chaos: Gofuunton: Gofuunhari (5 Element Release: 5 Element Needle)

the needle knocks the shuriken away and targets sephiroth.
Sephiroth: Gofuunton: Gofuunbakuha ( 5 Element Release: 5 Element Blast)

Chaos: Gonfuunton: Gonfuunryuudan

the blast knocks the needle away and then the blast and the dragon cancel eachother out.
Chaos: Gofuunton: Gofuungenkotsu (5 Element Release: 5 Element fist)
chakra gatheres in chaos fists and he charges at sephiroth who dodges it and uses a jutsu called: Gofuunton: Gofuunken. a sword is formed in sephiroth’s hand and he charges at chaos who blocks it with his fists and kicks sephiroth in his face causing him to fly into the air then chaos appears behind sephiroth in mid-air.
Chaos: This is the end!.. Shishi Rendan (Lion combo)
Chaos preforms the combo and kicks sephiroth trough the floor.
Sephiroth: That’s a powerfull kick you got there but it isn’t enough to kill me.
Chaos: Damn!

sephiroth jumps back to chaos and preforms some handseals: Gofuunton: Gofuunryuudan. Chaos reacts too late and got hit by the dragon and got smashed trough the wall.

Sephiroth walks away but then chaos who used his chakra to stick to the wall uses a dynamic entry to sephiroth but it was only a clone and the real sephiroth jumps down and tries to stab chaos with his sword. Chaos uses a kawarimi and kicks sephiroth who makes some hand seals but gets kicked in his back and flies into the air again.

Chaos: Ok let’s try this again… Shishi Rendan!

Chaos attempts to kick Sephiroth in the air but Sephiroth dissapears and re-appears behind Chaos and he kicks Chaos against the wall.

Sephiroth: Time to heat things up.

Sephiroth makes some handseals and fire begins to come out of his body, the fire attacks Chaos who’s barely able to dodge the attacks

Chaos: What!? his power is unreal… Wait this isn’t real it must be a genjutsu *ram seal* Realease!
Sephiroth: Nice try but this is a furui genjutsu.
Chaos: Furui genjutsu? Sensei told me something about that but what was it again?


J-sama: Ok students i’m going to teach you some things about genjutsu.
Chaos: Genjutsu? we already know how to use and dispell genjutsu.
Sephiroth: Yea you said yourself i’m pretty good at using genjutsu.
J-sama: I know but there are different kinds of genjutsu’s the most common one is the one you guys already know how to use and dispell, then there’s furoi genjutsu this are genjutsu’s from the ancient times it cost verry much chakra to use it and it’s mostly used with an element you can’t dispell it the normal way, there’re only 3 ways to dispell it 1: the user runs out of chakra 2: you need to defeat the user in the genjutsu or 3: you need to close the 10 pressure points in your brain, to close your pressure points is the easyest and fastest way but it’s the most dangerous way to if you don’t open them up then moment you’re out the genjutsu there’s a high chance you’ll pass out or die.
*Flashback ends*
Chaos: I hope this works.

Chaos closes his pressure points and escapes the genjutsu but he is a tad late when opening them and he get’s a terrible headache.

Chaos: Damn i need to practice this more.
Sephiroth: Do that in your own time! Gofuunton: Gofuun-Kobakuha no jutsu (5 Element Release: 5 Element Big Blast technique)
Chaos: Gofuunton: Gofuuunheki (5 Element Release:Â 5 Element Barrier
The barrier absorbs a great part of the explosion but the impact was big enough to knock out Chaos against the wall.
When the smoke clears theres a hole in the wall in the shape of sephiroth. It seems sephiroth got blasted trough the wall and fell down.