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Konoha Investigates – If The Bad Guys Won? Akatsuki Edition

Hey guys! It’s Sothe again with another edition of Konoha Investigates – If The Bad Guys Won? And for now, this will probably be the last of this series, unless there’s some huge new scheme that needs covering. Anyway, lets start!

Okay, we all know who, and what Akatsuki are up to these days, but first I’ll fill you in on their original idea’s and how they have developed to the force attacking Konoha today.  First, a  Kanji lesson! The symbol for Akatsuki means daybreak, and I’ll talk about this in more detail later, but first we can break down the word: Aka means red, a huge  basis of their colour scheme, but red these days is commonly linked to blood and even death. Coincidence? I think not. The Tsuki means night, to me personally, this is more relevant. One of the single biggest fears of citizens these days is night, with night comes darkness, and when it’s dark who knows what might happen.

So, now down to the investigation! Akatsuki are a simple evil organisation really, with an easy 3 part plan. I’ll start with their initial plan:


A touch of realism? In Naruto?! All evil genius’ need money. Equipment, travel and those specialist capes all cost lots. But the real reason for money seems to link to step 2:


Akatsuki obviously want to take over the world, what evil group doesn’t? And with their matching outfits and evil laughs (kukukuku) they have the equipment and attitude. And although the members are extremely powerful, there is always the risk of death, and taking over the world is a huge task with very few members. So they need an army, the mercenairy group first of all will be used to support little villages who are fighting, and from there other little villages will fall, and sooner or later the violence will spread. Akatsuki members will soon be hired to fight for forces everywhere and eventually chaos will spread and the 5 great countries will be forced to get involved. A ninja world war will start. From here Akatsuki have a simple task – Sweep in and destroy. Everything. They will then be able to finish step 3:


Cliché? I think so. what evil organisation doesn’t want this? Akatsuki are also planning the capture of the Bijuu, and with this an ultimate kinjutsu that could create some serious bad times for the good guys! With an ultimate kinjutsu these guys would have some unbeatable power. If one Bijuu was able to destroy a village, then the power of 9 in one move, well it would have the power to do whatever they wanted. But what would they want?

What Happens Next?

Well,  I think a good a question here is ‘What do you do once you have taken over the world? If it truly is Madara in charge, then revenge seems a sensible outcome. He was defeated by the First Hokage Senju Hashirama and completely rejected by his clan, after a few decades of this, I’d expect some serious bitterness towards the elders and hokage’s of Konoha and the Uchiha clan, which were completely wiped out, except Sasuke…Who know’s, he is showing a huge interest in Sasuke’s sharingan, and an even bigger interest in him taking Itachi’s. Maybe he is  only waiting, sitting  in the shadows. If Sasuke is forced to take Itachi’s sharingan then Madara could easily move in, claim the eye’s as his own, and regain his former power. And with the whole of  Akatsuki, wage war on Konoha  using the tailed beasts as tools. This does not sound nice for Konoha, not at all. And before anyone says it, NO! Tobi is not a good boy.

So what if Pein is in charge? Well that changes alot, from what we know Pein believes his childhood trauma had enlightened him to the true meaning of pain and suffering, he now believes himself a deity and evolved beyond a mere human. He seems to want to Enlighten the world, and with a HUGE case of I’m-a-bit-crazy he uses his powers to declare war, and eventually create a perfect world. Pein does not like to fight (?!!!) but follows his dreams, he tried to make himself seem like a good guy, but in all honesty, he’s just nuts.

And now….for comedy genius! (drum roll)


…..Something like this most likely.