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Two Deaths

Two Deaths

Post Author Guruku

If you reacted the same way I did when I read that, you probably screamed internally with a “WTF” with punctuation marks. Indeed, it was a shocker to hear a highly ranked Sage speak of such evil things. However, when Pa said that, I couldn’t help but remember Sasuke’s run-in with death and how come 3 years down the road Naruto is now undergoing something similar.

Sasuke’s death

To recap your memory, Sasuke was taken away by the Sound 4. The four of them were barrier specialists and stated that they needed Sasuke to “die once”. The Hallucinogenic/psycho stimulant pills that were given to Sasuke forcibly moved his cursed seal level up a notch. I speculate that Sasuke’s chakra is geared towards the dark side; therefore, he is able to adapt to the dark nature of the Cursed Seal. I feel like the transformation for Sasuke was never really explained well enough. However, now with the information provided by Fukasaku and Naruto going through his transformation we are able to compare the two deaths and see some similarities.

Sasuke’s death transformation within the barrier was a forced transformation that lasted a very short amount of time. Relatively speaking, the transformation only took a few hours. This transformation is possibly something out of this world and I speculate it is of evil-chakra-nature. Genma even clued into it when he mentioned the nature of their jutsus. Yet the style and the way Sasuke received his strength increase is uncanny; it seemed so similar to Narutos’ that the two must have some links. I believe Naruto needed to learn combining Nature chakra with his own; while Sasuke needed to learn to take in the dark/evil chakra with his own.


Sasuke’s method of death vs. Naruto’s method of death

I understand Naruto didn’t really ‘die’; he chose to utilize the frog oil to master his ‘death’. However, Sasuke never really ‘died’ either (he’s still walking around with his EMS and going blind). I believe when they said “die” it meant to leave their old paradigms behind and realize a new method of increasing their power. This ‘death’ is merely a figure of speech to signify leaving the past behind and to excel in leaps and bounds.

(Click for bigger picture)

Sasuke’s Cursed Power vs. Naruto’s Natural Energy

While Sasuke was getting a hold of his Cursed Seal 2 powers, he was ‘within the darkness’ or speculatively surrounded by dark/yin chakra. In comparison, Naruto was surrounded and at the same time absorbing Natural Chakra. The two of them had very similar settings, and it seemed to me like the only way of receiving that much access to power will be absorbing it from somewhere else (not from within). In Naruto’s case, it was the Nature-chakra, and my speculation for Sasuke it is the dark/yin chakra.

Naruto’s FIRST Transformed Self vs. Sasuke’s FIRST Transformed Self

Naruto’s first transformation turned him into a frog-like creature. Sasuke’s transformed self turned him into an evil and scary looking creature. I do not know the significance of it; however, I do believe the more control you have of the power, the less of your physical self deteriorates and the less change to your physical self occurs. Simply put: Less control = Less looking like yourself. More control = look more like yourself.

Sasuke’s Final Transformation: Partial Transformation vs. Naruto’s Final Transformation: Frog eyes?

Sasuke’s final stage regarding his ‘death’ is his ability to use partial transformation. He was able to gather his chakra and use partial transformations where parts of his body were expandable and powerful. Naruto’s ‘death’ didn’t really transform his body too much; the only visible feature was his frog-like eyes. I find this final transformation to be very important because it follows the theory that the physical self deteriorates with lesser control over the excessive amount of power.

Conclusion: The similarities of these two ‘deaths

We have lived in a life where we are stuck with the same notions and paradigms. We will never truly learn how to expand our powers without casting away our earthly limitations. If we find a way to cast away all doubt, and ‘philosophically’ claim to ‘end one’s life’ we are able to cast aside our old thoughts, and truly begin a new life. Only through that method are we able to obtain power in leaps and bounds. And only by dying are we able to start a new.

– “The ending of something is only the beginning of something else.”

The method of dying in order to obtain a new set of powers is nothing more than a figurative message of realizing a new beginning. However, what is Naruto’s new beginning? With his new Sage training will he lose himself as Sasuke formerly did? I am not sure what this new power will bestow upon Naruto or how it will enhance his previously learned jutsus (including the power Itachi gave). I just hope that this new beginning finally saves Sasuke and we will no longer see the deaths of any more of our heroes.

© Guruku 2008

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