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Alrighty then. Greetings fellow Narutards and/or Sasutards. Due in part to the high Quality Blog posts lately have spurred me on to post my own. (Prays this doesn’t flop). Ahemm.

Dark Gaara goth-sasuke

First- Dark Shannaro.
~With the rise of Akatsuki in our ranks, and Bob-sama’s highly tantalizing Team Hawk recruit drive joke… it has been brought to my attention we have within Shannaro, Ninjas with Dark Talent. So, depending on response and/or interest, we have the beginnings of a Shannaro Faction War (I use the term loosely and competitively). We will be the Ne(root) to Shannarogakure no Sato’s Anbu.

darkened naruto

~For those who may show interest in this Dark Faction, we will have a Gempukku Ceremony. I doubt many of you may know what this is, so I shall enlighten you. (no, this doesn’t involve sticking a fork in a power outlet…). The Gempukku Ceremony is from Legend of the Five Rings (L5R), it is the ceremony by which the samurai caste enters adulthood. Essentially the noble’s naming ceremony. It is also very similar to becoming a Genin or Chunin. It marks the end of one life and the beginning of a new one. The Samurai must complete the trials set forth by his sensei. If he succeeds, he may declare his new name. If he fails, he may be given a second chance if his sensei deems he has potential. Otherwise he faces banishment or death. When choosing a name, keep it secret until your Gempukku so no other may take it. For those of you who would like a more original and authentic name…
And remember, do not choose a famous name. Choose your name and then make it famous. (just a guideline). For our members from asian countries or descent, feel free to have fun.
For more info on Gempukku: http://l5r.wikia.com/wiki/Gempukku

dark kyuubi

Thirdly-the Dark Team Name
~If we do this, what will we be called? We can not be Team Hawk, as appealing as that may be. Nor Akatsuki. Will we be Root? or someother name… I’m thinking Team (insert animal name here). Animal includes any non-human, non-plant based living organism.
Possible Names:
Team Spider
Team Nanashi (Nameless ie the Nameless)
Team Scourge

Akatsuki Naruto and Konan

Lastly-Still Pondering…
~More to Follow.

With My Own Keyboard,
Tenkage (Heaven’s Shadow), the AntiBob (^/_\^) …jk, Bob-sama…maybe.

P.S.-If interest is substantial enough to warrant, there will be a Gempukku blog. I plan to have it password protected and the password shall be found on this page. Part of your Gempukku trials will be to discover the password. Gempukku will be open to all who wish to participate, not just the Dark Shannaro. (there will be cake for the Dark Shannaro members, though).

P.S.S. The real Reasons Itachi left Konoha.


P.S.S.S. More Funnies

sasuke milk missin-nin
Be Excellent to Each Other, and Party On, Dudes!

(Note to readers, suggestions are welcomed.)

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