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Naruto Pilot

AvatarPost Author: Silver_Uchiha

Masashi Kishimoto’s original conception of Naruto is quite different of the one that we all have come to love. The Pilot, drawn in 1999, has several major differences compared with the manga as it is today. The most incredible thing is that originally the Naruverse had nothing to do with ninjas! The Pilot is 45 pages long, and besides Naruto, only two other characters resemble any of those who appear in the manga.

Link to Pilot

Some differences:

The original story takes place in the modern era. There were no ninjas in the story.


Naruto in the Pilot is the son of the demon fox. The condition is not a secret.

Naruto can transform willingly into a one-tailed fox-bat, or into a nine-tailed fox.


Naruto also is a bitter and spoiled child that takes revenge of those that pick on him.

Naruto originally wore boots, instead of sandals. Kishi said that he changed this detail because he likes to draw toes.

The demon fox (Narutos’s father) was sealed by 9 men, instead of one shinobi. And one of these survived; he is the current chief of the Village.


The chief ordered Naruto to find one human to trust and start a friendship. This chief looks a bit like Sarutobi.


The Fist person that acknowledged Naruto was killed, and Naruto was blamed.


Some Similarities

Naruto loves Ramen. The Ramen Shop and owner are almost the same in the Pilot and the Manga.

Naruto is “simple and stupid”. At least according to Kishi.

Friendship and trust are highly valued in this Naruverse.

Naruto uses scrolls and the sexy no jutsu, but the girl is not naked, and she has a fox tail.


Would you have followed this Manga?


2 Responses

  1. hells no

  2. I would read it just to find out what happens.

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