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Naruto 484 is out! TEAM SEVEN BIG REUNION!

“TEAM SEVEN” Nauto manga chapter 484 has been out for a few hours.

Just check manga stream



team 7 at last


Both Naruto and Bleach has descent action and descent plot this week. Yahoo!

PSD> Poor Hitsu !

SORRY. I couldn’t resist

DREAM LIKE TALE. But it is real

I was sitting in front of my laptop, in pain..  My head was bursting with the insanity of reality …  I was writing about a planned attempt of coup d’état… In pain… I don’t want blood in the streets. In pain… I had to give my opinion to help people to choose, and sadly none is good or honest at any side of this battle…  I have to tell people if they have to support someone like Danzou or another like Madara… Insane, Insane… in pain… I had to do it…  Really I am going insane. But…

Suddenly my heart jumped out of my chest. A loud music took over my place, took over the street, and took over my mind and my heart. I smiled.  I couldn’t believe it, it was Naruto’s second season opening theme, it was alive music, and perfectly done.

God, Have I go insane? No

Good old days. I forgot how much I have enjoyed the anime in old days, and how much I like themes as the opening of the first and second, six  and seven season.

I forgot the fun I had at Shannaro 2 years ago… Time goes fast… But it may me think… there is amazingly good people out there… everywhere… honest mined, nice, smart, clumsy, pure hearted people with different ideals, religions, nationalities… Lol is not like you are good because you like Naruto, is just that I met great people cause of the manga and the anime.

Wow. It was real. The music I heard.

An anime – manga fun club made a party next to my house. In this small country, out the world, there are also manga’s fans. Yeah they are crazy follower of Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and many others that I don’t recall. They are like Shannaro’s ppl, but they met once in awhile.

They are more or less 30 or 40 people from 13 to 40 years old or more, I didn’t dare to ask. Some are even married couples.

They colosplay, play games, do alive music copied from anime, and exchange books and merchandising. And I have to say it, the costumes are not as those we see in the net, but the music was amazingly beautiful, and people were truly nice.

Simply: a bunch of happy people.

You could not tell them apart, younger, elders, professionals, students, girls, boys, from different places and social classes. ROLF they weren’t any ashamed of walking the street in those crazy costumes. They have nicknames off course, mostly taken from manga characters. I girl called Gaara was pretty dressed in a pink. It is good to act like a child once in awhile, no matter your age.

I smiled again.

Somehow this reminds me that this word is great. We are so different, but we all love, suffer and dream. Like Naruto brings us all together, there are other beautiful things that made people join causes beyond the differences. This world is worth fighting for, just to keep alive the possibility of seeing tomorrow some people smiling, crying, going on.

I made up my mind, I know what to write now. Let’s keep people with the chance of making mistakes in democracy, no matter if it is Danzou the one ruling now.

I have to walk back to reality.

SU out

PSD I will add pictures if I have a change.






The new chapter is out


Bleach, One Piece and Naruto new chaps are also here:


Have a nice day !

SU out



Silver Uchiha say:     Good News….


NARUTO 476 is available !!!!


Also BLEACH 386 !!!


MANGAREADERS get it pretty fast! Inaruto.net got the same translation online. May be not the better one will be find later in onemanga.

Naruto chapter 457 is out !!!

The new chapter is here


sorry I cant add pics


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