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They’re Out:

Naruto 603: Rehabilitation

Bleach 509: Tenchi Kaijin

There will be no One Piece chapter this week. 

Bleach Chapter 464 – Quiet Chamber, Noisy Heart

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Well it was supposed to be a one-on-one, but the Quincy seems to have slipped into Ichigo’s battle against Ginjou. Ishida does bring up one important thing: If there was another Substitute Shinigami, he should either be alive or dead. If he were alive, Soul Society should have notified Ichigo about him. If he were dead, Soul Society should have alerted Ichigo as to how or why, but since they never said anything, Ishida assumed they just didn’t know. But seeing as how Yamamoto sent backup so urgently, it seems that isn’t the case. They did know. So what was so frightening, what disaster happened, that they had to keep it all a secret?

As for the other fights:

Bleach Chapter 462 – Why me sad.

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The gist of this chapter is that Ichigo learns that Ginjou was the first, and only other substitute shinigami before him. The badge and the rules were all created because of him. It is very likely that Rukia was given the death sentence for giving her powers to Ichigo, and in turn creating another possible substitute shinigami, because of what happened with Ginjou. They were afraid of having another threat like him running around.

I’m curious though, if Ginjou was the first substitute shinigami, why is he…

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Bleach Chapter 460: Deathberry Returns 2

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“Death and Strawberry” was the name of the first chapter of Bleach. It was when Ichigo first gained his shinigami powers. Last week’s “Death and Strawberry 2″ was when Ichigo regained those shinigami powers. “Deathberry Returns” was chapter 151, when Ichigo’s determination finally returned after Byakuya beat his ass, and he unleashed hell on Soul Society. In this week’s “Deathberry Returns 2″ Ichigo’s determination finally returns after Tsukishima and Ginjou shattered his psyche, and he’s abou to unleash hell on their ass.

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Bleach Chapter 458 – End of All Bonds

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Oh. Dear. God. I knew things couldn’t be so simple, but I didn’t expect it like this…

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