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Bleach Chapter 610 : Mausoleum of Skulls

Chapter 610: Mausoleum of Skulls
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So, we learn a little bit more about his ability, although I still find it pretty vague. Though I can only kinda compliment how the King deals with Ichibei.

So, it seems the King truely is the type of man for the Quincy as the Spirit King is for the Shinigami.

Really, in this universe they only seems equals. And Ichigo is a being that a smack in the middle of all of them. Meaning Ichigo will probably be the factor that could tip the balance either way

Anyway, Haschwalt explains that the King has had his eyes closed all this time. since ‘opening’ them would have been dangerous to all his Sternritter since he wouldn’t have been able to control it during his 9 year recovery period.


So. The Kings eyes are the key to his true ability and lo and behold, they opened at just the right time(go convenient timing) so he doesn’t die from Hyousube abilities. The latter just able to prevent lethal damage to himself.

Then we can see multiple pupils on his eyes. From the instant he opened his eyes, he can see everything from now till into the far distant future. He also has a clear understanding of everything. All the ‘abilities’ that he knows becomes his ally (as he says it) and thus nothing can hurt him anymore.

Ichibei does not believe Ywach and goes for a very long chant before he release one of his most powerful attacks (i reckon) Futen Daisatsu Ryou (Slaughterous Mausoleum of Non-Reincarnation).


It doesn’t matter anymore to Ywach finally ripping Hyousube’s body to shreds(quite graphically too, I like it)

Bleach Manga Chapter 609: “A”

Chapter 609: “A”
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So, I was wondering last week how the King would get out of this one, and this week’s chapter tells you why. Its kinda of a shame, since it makes the King look a bit like a cheesecake. This is gonna be a bit of a rant instead of a summary.

Honestly… if Ichibei Hyousube highly specialized abilities cannot do diddly squat except waste time. Then honestly, what can Ichigo do.

As I started on this chapter it was indeed an awesome chapter to behold, Hyousube truely being the leader of the Shinigami, even among the other Palace guards he stands far above them it was all made useless bu Ywach.. The Almighty… or all-knowing.

As Haschwalt kind of says, that with the King able to understand everything from any given perspective, and with all that Knowledge it makes him impossible for his majesty to be beaten by anyone.

I mean, wouldn’t it have been fucking awesome if Ichibei successfully takes out his majesty forcing Ishida to do something instead of standing there quietly doing fuck all. His revenge has been exacted(the man who is responsible for his mother’s death, is dead now), and he is now the King of the Quincy. Has drinking the King’s blood done anything to him? C’mon use him. He’s right fucking there. Is he just there for Ichigo to fight with? The king did announce the guy as his successor after all.

So, it makes me answer the question… What is Corporal Two-swords gonna do. Beat him to death? If special techniques Like the ones Hyousube possesses.. what does a guy who can move fast and hit hard gonna do? I get the feeling that Ichigo is actually kinda useless(in a way) and can only be used to hopefully weakening the villain -like aizen, but Ichigo couldn’t Kill Aizen, just weaken him at the expense of his own power. It was a nice battle sure, but our main character didn’t  and couldn’t actually finish the job, so that someone else had to finish it up (like Urahara).


Maybe with a bit more info it would sort of makes sense. but right now, just, ugh.

Bleach Manga Chapter 608: Darkness from the Blackest of Black

Chapter 608: Darkness from the Blackest of Black
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Sorry, did not have the time to write a piece this week. But goddamn… it was a fucking awesome chapter. I don’t think I could type something up that would describe what kind of a bad-ass Hyousube is.

I wonder how the King will do to cheat his way out of this one.

Bleach Manga Chapter 607: The Master

Chapter 607: The Master
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A whole chapter of fighting between the two masters of their respective sides. Last week ended with The king losing his strength but being a quincy in the shinigami territory he can, and does simply take back the strength he lost by absorbing his surroundings in the same way Ishida did when he put on his powerglove waaaayyy back in his fight against Mayuri.


The King then immidiatly launches an attack of various light beams(I guess) which Hyousube easily blocks by smashing them between the palms of his hands. Then the guys goes ahead says that he only halved the King power to preserve Ywach’s dignity(Hyousube is quickly becoming my favorite character).

Then figures his reputation doesn’t matter when they guy’s attack. Hyousube goes on the offensive again using a Kido on Ywach(I think I have seen HIsagi use it in a fight against an arrancar. The king uses an advanced form of Blut Vene called ‘Blut Vene Anhaben’ (translates to ‘wearing the blood vein’) to block the Kido.

Ichibei goes on to use another attack called Teppy Usatsu (Iron wind strike) which brakes the shield on impact and with a mad expression he dives and to grab Ywach by the throat.


THe king smirks as the higher form of Blut Vene actually is able to erode everything that comes into contact with its user. The King sure that has done some major damage to his adversary.

Turns out it is not so easy as Ichibei using his muscles only breaks the Blut Vene and does some actual damage too Ywach, much to the King’s surprise. Then calls out his Zanpaktou.



Holy caligraphy shit!

Bleach Chapter 606: Devine Division

Chapter 606: Devine Division
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So, this week is very interesting, on several front. The battle between the two elders is awesome and we get introduced to a new character from Sereitei. What about that!

This week we get reminded of the battle that is heating up between Ichibei and Ywach, before we go down to Seiretei, we see an unknown person hopping around the building carrying a large bag(or sorts) around yelling to her sister.


In the meantime Urahara seems busy drawing lines with his cane/zankpaktou in the ground between the rubble. It seems insignificant, but nothing her ever does actually is. ANyway, he gets interrupted(rudely) by an old familiar, his former lt. and her Vaizard buddies.

It quickly becomes clear that they were supposed to go up there to the Soul Palace with Ichigo and Yoruichi. I find it a bit interesting she mentions her specifically, also asking Urahara if she went off because her ‘told her already’. I guess Urahara/Yoruichi rule34 is a go.

Hiyori is quite upset for letting them go without help. Even going as far as saying that Urahara deems them expandable as long as they slow down the enemy advance.


All this info about Yoruichi comes as quite a shock to our new friend. The young and quite emotional sister of Yoruichi. Shiouin Yuushirou. Apparently 23rd head of the Shihouin house. I wonder if she brought Yoruichi’s Zanpaktou(I’ve never seen her use or even carry one).

Not as much as the big bag Hiyori is carrying around, but hey.


Meanwhile, the battle is raging on. Ywach comments about the apparent weakness of Hyousube after blocking his attack. His brush however does not cut flesh, It cuts through the essence of ‘name’. The name ‘Arm’ being a mere shadow of its former self. His arms only capable of half of what they could do.

His physical strength has been cut in half. As do his abilities. The Quincy King that is now only half as strong as he used too, facing the man he hates the most, the leader of the Shinigami(Yes, that is what Hyousube said himself).

It seems however, the King still has plenty of strength to pull from. Maybe he will simply take more from the Quincy down below.

Bleach Manga Chapter 605: Don’t Call My Name

Chapter 605: Don’t Call My Name
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Sorry I am late with this weeks summary, but I sure as hell enjoyed the start of a hell of a battle. But before that gets underway there is a short but interesting exchange between the two old friends. Ukitake and Kyouraku.

They note the events going on up high. Ukitake referring to the ‘Kamikake'(Mangastream translates is as the Divine Presence). We see a very odd shadow behind the white-haired captain, with what looks like an eye making me wonder what he has been up to. And moreover, what this Kamikake is they’re talking about, and maybe the Shadow could relate to Ukitake’s Bankai even? What is your take on their exhange?


Kyouraku seems to agree and goes off to find the Central 46. Now I doubt there is much of the Central 46 leadership alive at this point, since his Mayest trashed the place, but Aizen should still be down there having declined the King’s offer to join the Quincy. THere is a good chance that he would jump on the chance of gaining entry to the Spirint King’s palace.

Meanwhile Ichibei Hyousube draws two lines, in which he shall defeat the King. The King noting his calculations being off as he shall defeat him in three paces less.

Ichibei again notes his displeasure at the King calling him by his name so casually and draws a giant Kanji which spawns a massive hand dealing a massive blow to Ywach. I think he actually slaps Ywach through the sound barrier.


Ichibei launches another attack of the ‘Senri Tsuuten Shou'(Heaven-Piercing Palm of a thousand Ri – Ri being a unit of measurement.)

The king tries to call up a defensive move but he indeed got his throat crushed, and takes another hit from the palm.

The King then does something to his own throat, allowing him to speak once more calling out to his ‘Zankuto Bougen’ Great holy bow and lets it pierce himself to counteract the strength of the Senri blow.


Ichibei comments on the King terrifying nature stating that the King leaves him no choice but to forfeit his life. Now in the last panel it looks like drop of blood, but if you look at the most bottom picture it looks like it could be ink. It seems Ichibei will use one of his(if not) his most advanced technique to deal with the King.

Bleach Manga Chapter 604 : Revitalize

Chapter 604: Revitalize
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This weeks chapter shows what a devious fucking asshole His Majesty actually is.

Most Shinigami seem very puzzled as to what is going on. The Sternritter down below feel their power being taken away from them.

The new Captain Commander realizes what is going on, and that the Soul Palace is in serious danger.


The 4 Elite Guards are reborn from death. And Oetsu doesn’t even realize what hit him. Lille Barro shooting his shoulder to bits.

Haschwalt explains what actually happened. His Majesty used the ability called ‘Auswahlen’. The ability collects the life force and powers of the Quincy who are deemed expendable and then is distributed amongst those who are deemed essential.

The process goes as far as it kills the ones who get their powers taken. Those that receive it become even stronger. Since it’s not really about reishi cannot block it.

Then Lille adds the usual bullshit line about ; I havent become stronger, I always had these power bla bla bla bla you are gonna die now bla bla bla.

His ability is pretty neat though. It’s called ‘Banbutsukantsuu’ or in english ‘Perforater of all creation’. There aren’t actually any bullets. Apparently anything and everything between the gunpoint and the target will disappear basicly.

The wierdo Pernida Parnkgjas goes and does his thing by breaking the prison, and with that the King leaves his prison and quickly stands before his final obstacle.


The monk Hyousube Ichibei.

I for one and pretty eager to see how this man handles himself in battle, because he looks a little pissed, and Ywach pretty exited.


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