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Bleach Chapter 606: Devine Division

Chapter 606: Devine Division
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So, this week is very interesting, on several front. The battle between the two elders is awesome and we get introduced to a new character from Sereitei. What about that!

This week we get reminded of the battle that is heating up between Ichibei and Ywach, before we go down to Seiretei, we see an unknown person hopping around the building carrying a large bag(or sorts) around yelling to her sister.


In the meantime Urahara seems busy drawing lines with his cane/zankpaktou in the ground between the rubble. It seems insignificant, but nothing her ever does actually is. ANyway, he gets interrupted(rudely) by an old familiar, his former lt. and her Vaizard buddies.

It quickly becomes clear that they were supposed to go up there to the Soul Palace with Ichigo and Yoruichi. I find it a bit interesting she mentions her specifically, also asking Urahara if she went off because her ‘told her already’. I guess Urahara/Yoruichi rule34 is a go.

Hiyori is quite upset for letting them go without help. Even going as far as saying that Urahara deems them expandable as long as they slow down the enemy advance.


All this info about Yoruichi comes as quite a shock to our new friend. The young and quite emotional sister of Yoruichi. Shiouin Yuushirou. Apparently 23rd head of the Shihouin house. I wonder if she brought Yoruichi’s Zanpaktou(I’ve never seen her use or even carry¬†one).

Not as much as the big bag Hiyori is carrying around, but hey.


Meanwhile, the battle is raging on. Ywach comments about the apparent weakness of Hyousube after blocking his attack. His brush however does not cut flesh, It cuts through the essence of ‘name’. The name ‘Arm’ being a mere shadow of its former self. His arms only capable of half of what they could do.

His physical strength has been cut in half. As do his abilities. The Quincy King that is now only half as strong as he used too, facing the man he hates the most, the leader of the Shinigami(Yes, that is what Hyousube said himself).

It seems however, the King still has plenty of strength to pull from. Maybe he will simply take more from the Quincy down below.

Bleach Manga Chapter 605: Don’t Call My Name

Chapter 605: Don’t Call My Name
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Sorry I am late with this weeks summary, but I sure as hell enjoyed the start of a hell of a battle. But before that gets underway there is a short but interesting exchange between the two old friends. Ukitake and Kyouraku.

They note the events going on up high. Ukitake referring to the ‘Kamikake’(Mangastream translates is as the Divine Presence). We see a very odd shadow behind the white-haired captain, with what looks like an eye making me wonder what he has been up to. And moreover, what this Kamikake is they’re talking about, and maybe the Shadow could relate to Ukitake’s Bankai even? What is your take on their exhange?


Kyouraku seems to agree and goes off to find the Central 46. Now I doubt there is much of the Central 46 leadership alive at this point, since his Mayest trashed the place, but Aizen should still be down there having declined the King’s offer to join the Quincy. THere is a good chance that he would jump on the chance of gaining entry to the Spirint King’s palace.

Meanwhile Ichibei Hyousube draws two lines, in which he shall defeat the King. The King noting his calculations being off as he shall defeat him in three paces less.

Ichibei again notes his displeasure at the King calling him by his name so casually and draws a giant Kanji which spawns a massive hand dealing a massive blow to Ywach. I think he actually slaps Ywach through the sound barrier.


Ichibei launches another attack of the ‘Senri Tsuuten Shou’(Heaven-Piercing Palm of a thousand Ri – Ri being a unit of measurement.)

The king tries to call up a defensive move but he indeed got his throat crushed, and takes another hit from the palm.

The King then does something to his own throat, allowing him to speak once more calling out to his ‘Zankuto Bougen’ Great holy bow and lets it pierce himself to counteract the strength of the Senri blow.


Ichibei comments on the King terrifying nature stating that the King leaves him no choice but to forfeit his life. Now in the last panel it looks like drop of blood, but if you look at the most bottom picture it looks like it could be ink. It seems Ichibei will use one of his(if not) his most advanced technique to deal with the King.

Bleach Manga Chapter 604 : Revitalize

Chapter 604: Revitalize
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This weeks chapter shows what a devious fucking asshole His Majesty actually is.

Most Shinigami seem very puzzled as to what is going on. The Sternritter down below feel their power being taken away from them.

The new Captain Commander realizes what is going on, and that the Soul Palace is in serious danger.


The 4 Elite Guards are reborn from death. And Oetsu doesn’t even realize what hit him. Lille Barro shooting his shoulder to bits.

Haschwalt explains what actually happened. His Majesty used the ability called ‘Auswahlen’. The ability collects the life force and powers of the Quincy who are deemed expendable and then is distributed amongst those who are deemed essential.

The process goes as far as it kills the ones who get their powers taken. Those that receive it become even stronger. Since it’s not really about reishi cannot block it.

Then Lille adds the usual bullshit line about ; I havent become stronger, I always had these power bla bla bla bla you are gonna die now bla bla bla.

His ability is pretty neat though. It’s called ‘Banbutsukantsuu’ or in english ‘Perforater of all creation’. There aren’t actually any bullets. Apparently anything and everything between the gunpoint and the target will disappear basicly.

The wierdo Pernida Parnkgjas goes and does his thing by breaking the prison, and with that the King leaves his prison and quickly stands before his final obstacle.


The monk Hyousube Ichibei.

I for one and pretty eager to see how this man handles himself in battle, because he looks a little pissed, and Ywach pretty exited.

Naruto Manga Chapters 699 & 700

Naruto Chapter 699 : The Seal of Reconciliation
Click here to read the chapter Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.


Naruto Chapter 700 : Uzimaki Naruto!!
Click here to read the chapter Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

Well… the end of Naruto has arrived. Everybody enjoyed the fan-service chapter?

Bleach Manga Chapter 603 : What the Hell

Chapter 603: What The Hell
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So with the crappy timing of the releases I wasnt able to do a few of these. But they were all pretty damn good chapters. Ouetsu is pretty badass with that blade of his, in two chapters, forcing the King to make a move.

And he makes a big one. The King calls up a halo or sorts around the Soul Palace battle ground. At the same time, down below, it starts to rain.

Giselle is all fine and dandy it seems feeding on Bambietta, no doubt to recover any wounds he/she had. The person is really twisted. Lillotto was looking for her and found her.


Then, for some reason. Sternritter ‘N’ Robert Accutrone putting a gun on the little girls head. ANd he is quite desperate. He seems to fear the worst since his Majesty has gone up.

Crying as he tells the two ‘newbies’ they are finished. That they don’t know the terrors that his Majesty is capable off. He then goes on to explain they are deemed unnecessary for the upcoming battle, which I assume is the battle in the Soul Palace.

His majesty never lies. The Sternritter exists only for his sake, and their lives will be taken by his Majesty if necessary. As if on que his life gets taken. Lilotto’s manages to evade the light just about. Even in cover, the lights steals their power. We see several others get sacrificed out in the field. Bazz-B being among them. So… no epic fight to be seen with him… such a shame.


The King doesn’t seem to take their sacrifice lightly, still seeing them as comrades. He takes their power and revives the 4 elites guards, and this battle can start again.

I wonder how Ashkinn would feel about it.

Naruto Chapter 698: Naruto and Sasuke (5)

Well.. talk about an arm’s length discussion.. right.. am I right… ok, too soon.

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

Bleach Chapter 601 : Verge on Vermillion

Chapter 601: Verge on Vermillion
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I’m a bit busy this week, so I am gonna have to skip today..

It’s mostly Oetsu being a bad ass. And it seems the Sternritter have another sort of immortal.


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