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Bleach Chapter 577: Blade

Chapter 577: Blade
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WEll, to sum up this weeks chapter in as few words as possible it would be something like.

‘Holy fucking Shikai’

Before we get to that we basically see everybody else in Sereitei react to Gremmy’s insanity.


Some Shinigami have an idle hope that the dome around Sereitei, the Shakonmaku will destroy this foreign object. There is ofcourse no way in hell it would be capable of destroying something so massive.

By sheer mass, the meteorite just plows through the barrier like its nothing. Even Haschwalt panics at the impeding doom ordering some randoms soldier to protect the King.


The latter seems to casually be observing the whole scene from his throne room.

After all that we go back to the Gremmy duo who goes on a little rant. Telling Zaraki that if he could hypothetically killed Gremmy it wouldn’t make the Meteorite disappear. It is already reality. But as it is Gremmy imagined that everyone will vanish and he shall
be the last one standing. He seems pretty confident that this fight is over.


Well, in the picture above you see Zaraki’s face with a full-on combat stiffy. I don’t think I ever saw him so exited. He isn’t at ‘wits end’ at all. Even going as far as telling Gremmy that he just ran out of tricks to defeat Zaraki.

The captain jumps into the air blade at the ready and then as he appears as a small black spot in front of meteorite he calls forth his Zanpaktou.



With one powerfull strike he smashes the meteorite to bits. Gremmy is at a loss for words as his eyes lay upon Zaraki and his Zanpaktou.

The look fits the man like a glove and guys, it’s no Bankai. Unlike Ichigo, Zaraki never even knew the name of his blade until after his fight against Unohana. The blade never went in a Shikai state. It would never go Bankai after Zaraki just learned his name.

Anyway, it looks freaking awesome! I wonder if it has some special attacks or just amplifies Zaraki’s native strength.

Naruto Chapter 673 : We Will…!!

Naruto is out.

Click here to read the chapter and discuss below.

Bleach Chapter 576 : The Killers High 2

Chapter 576: The Killers High 2
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The battle of the most powerful continues. With Gremmy getting exited for battle. It it simply two guys enjoying a battle unlike they ever experienced before.

Gremmy getting more creative with his attack. At one point Gremmy intentionally lets Kenpachi hit him. He locks the blade in his body. Zaraki not able to pull it back. Then spawns a massive hand to flatten the Captain.

Zaraki escapes easily and actually manages to catch Gremmy off focus landing in a hit. Also from the bit of dialog after it seems he can’t heal when he is attack or defending.


Zaraki doesn’t stop attacking during this time actually getting in another hit, and another. Gremmy actually starts to imagine his defeat. Zaraki notices it aswell and asks the young man about it. Gremmy comes to the realization and thanks him for it.

After that he imagines himself again, creating another him, pretty much the same way he imagined ‘The Vanish’ into existence. I find it someone odd he said (from mangastream translation) I am even capable of creating ‘Life’. He goes on to say that neither one can be cleaved(cut) and neither of them can die. Also its a big strange to say the power of imagination has doubled aswell.


He spawns a flipping meteorite ready to fall down onto Sereitei. Kenpachi though…

Is getting a getting a combat stiffy as he calls out to Nozarashi (Storm Scarred). the name of his Zanpaktou I am assuming.

Naruto Chapter 672 : Night Guy!!!

Naruto is out.

Click here to read the chapter and discuss below.

Bleach Chapter 575: The Killers High

Chapter 575: The Killers High
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Zaraki is having no slowing down in the least still attacking Gremmy at every opportunity. The battle arena is looking a bit worse for wear as half of the structure is crumbled.


A good distance away Sternritter Ashkin is casually lounging watching the battle from afar, with the patented Quincy Picnick basket.The sternritter is well aware of who is fighting who over there noting that he is quite impressed that Zararki Kenpachi is fighting on par with Gremmy.

Another sternritter comes to join him. Ashkin calls him Pepe. We seen this man briefly before when he was observing an argument between Bazz-B and Hacshwalt.

The talk doesn’t long as Ashkin feels he isn’t quite safe from Gremmy’s ‘Cataclysm’. Pepe agrees with him on this. Ashkin does display a certain respect toward Gremmy’s power. So this pretty much confirms he is one of the strongest(if not the strongest) sternritter.

The chapter switches back to the fight at hand. Kenpachi tells Yachiru to go down below to go find Kotetsu who still is alive. So she should be able to fix her arm up.

Gremmy finally opens his mouth, commending Zaraki for figuring out that Gremmy’s power got nullified.


Zaraki says it was an obvious fact, then calling him out. During the exchange Zaraki yells out that he is going to knock Gremmy down the food chain, also to stop dicking around and really get to fighting. That getting distracted by anyone other than your opponent means your are not in a proper fight.

After his little speech Zaraki starts of the fight once more. But his words stirred up something inside Gremmy. No one within the Sternritter ever said something like that to him before. From the beginning no one dared oppese him noting that everyone know that he is indeed the strongest.

Because of this Gremmy never felt the need to prove himself by randomly slaughtering people or being someone into submission.

Do you feel lucky? Punk.

Do you feel lucky? Punk.

But Zaraki…. awakened the urge the mercilessly destroy his enemy. He creates a wall of guns(an idea stolen from The Mask no doubt as the gif clearly shows) and rains down metal on Zaraki. Without pause he add more than a few ballastic missiles to the mix ready to fire down at him.

Even amidst the following explosion Zaraki manges to cut one of them in half forcing Gremmy to take his hands out of his pockets to protect him from the blast.

Zaraki holds up his Zanpaktou. Telling Gremmy that he made it very happy.

I wonder though if Gremmy’s newfound battle rage will cloud his imagination.


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