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Naruto Total Drama Island Challenge # 12

Post Author: Uzumaki Naruto

(Ok guys, I read your comments, and you said that you wanted a challenge where they fought each other, well, i thought about it, and well Its going to be made true! Like a radio station, I will give you your requests!)

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Island The campers had to build airplanes, and the Killer Kunai won, sending the ramen cups to the campfire pit, and thus voting off, Yamato. Now on this episode which team will win, which team will loose, and which um Juts….. I mean On Total Drama Island!!!

(Theme Plays)

Chris: Ok Campers, Your now 1 team , Your challenge today will be fighting one of your fellow campers, ok, Round one Naruto VS Kankuro.

Naruto: Great! I Never got the chance to fight him!

Kankuro: Likewise.

Chris: Ok, You can ise any Jutsu, But you must TRY not to kill each other.

Naruto: Got it

Kankuro: Ok

Chris: BEGIN

Naruto: Rasen Shuriken!

Kankuro: Art of the puppet master!

Chris: Impressive

(The Kunais fly, the shuriken spin, Then Naruto uses Rasengan on kankuro, But he dodges, and he knocks Naruto out)

Chris: Winner Kankuro!!! now round 2 Sakura VS Gaara

Sakura: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? THAT IS UNFAIR!!!!!!

Chris: The Veiwers will like some entertainment. If you loose, well you loose. Not my problem.

Gaara: Lets just get this done, I have to watch Basketball this after noon, and i dont wanna miss one second of it!

Chris: Begin!

Gaara: (throws a kunai) There! Eat that!

Sakura: (Punches Ground, and Gaara goes Flying in the air) There Eat your words…. Was that bad?

Naruto: Yeah, It sucked, Big time.


Chris: Gaara wins! Next round….Jiraiya VS….Kiba!

Kiba: Are you CRAZY?!?!?!??!??! HE IS A SANIN, AND I’M JUST A CHUNIN!!!!!

Chris: Oh well, get over it. Begin!!!!

Kiba: Fang Over Fang

Jiraiya: Kuchyose no jutsu!!!! (Summons up Gambunta) Take this!!!

Kiba: Um…umm…ummmmmm Lets go Akamaru!

Akamaru: WOOF!

( Gamabunta hops, Jiraya throws shuriken and kunai, Kiba and Akamaru are attacking him from behind, but jiraiya dodges it.)

Chris: Who will win?

(Kiba Knocks Jiraiya out.)

Chris: Looks Like Kiba! Next round….Hinata vs Shino!!!!

Hinata and Shino:WOW!

Chris: Begin!!!!!!

Hinata: Gentle fist

Shino: (doges it) Parasitic insects!!!

Hinata: UGH!!!! (In Confession can) Seriously, I dinnt think i would make it past him. Oh and shino will L…

Chris: SHHHH dont give spoilers to veiwers!!!!

Hinata: sorry.

Shino: I’m sorry, my teamate of konoha.

Hinata: 8 TRIGRAMS 64 PALMS!!!!

Shino: Aw F***!!!!!

Chris: Wow what language.

Hinata: CHAAAAAA!!!

(Shino is knocked out)

Chris: Hinata wins!!!!! next up…. Get ready for this one…Kakashi vs Kurinai!!! Well BEGIN!!!

Kakashi: Kuchiyose no Jutsu. (Summons Pakkun)

(Kurinai throws a kunai, but kakashi dodges it)

Chris: My my. Great battle going on.ummm (ok guys, these arealraedy filmed, so chris is in the studio) (Pauss it) ok guys, um this fight was kinda boring, so i’ll just fastforward it (plays it) Kakashi wins!!! Next up…Shkamaru VS Tsunade.

Shikamaru: well… Here we go

Tsunade: Hmph… Guess so.

Chris: Start!!!

Shikamaru: Shadow possession!

Tsunade: CHAAAAAA! (Punches ground, shkiamaru goes flying yadda yadda yadda)

Chris: Ok go to the campfire pit (A few hours later) Ok there are12 of you, and there is 11 marshmallows. the marshmallows go to Naruto, Kakashi, shikamaru, kurinai, hinata, kiba, shino, gaara, and tsunade. Jiraiya, Sakura, the final marshmallow goes to…………………………………………………………………………………………….Sakura


Chris: Seeya man.

Now some funny pictures!

Naruto Total Drama Island Challenge # 11

Post Author: Uzumaki Naruto

(Ok, Here You GO!!!!)

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Island The campers hat to see which team could sell the most candy bars, and it was Temari who got the boot. Now who will win, who will loose, and… well… PIE!!!!!

(Theme Plays)

Chris: Ok guys, your next challenge will be….To build Airplane!!!!

Naruto: OK!!!

Glenn Quagmire: (Looking in Icha Icha Paradise w/ kakashi) Giggity Giggity GOO!!!!

Kakashi: I Know its awsome!

Chris: Start Now!!!!!

Shikamaru: Well, I think we’ll make a rubber band air plane. Full size, balsa wood.

Naruto: Ok. I think i’ll get the wood, alongh w/ sakura.

Sakura: Ok. But you better not screw up Naruto!

Naruto: Ok.

shikamaru: I guess that i’ll get the rubber bands.

Kankuro: I think that we’ll build a glideing airplain. Made of balsa wood.

Chris: (In confession can) BALSA WOOD! Whats with all the balsa wood?!!(looks in encyclopedia) Oh, well i guess it flies good.

Sakura and naruto: We got the wood!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shikamaru: Ok, lets get building.

(Imagine the sounds Saws, hammer, ect.)

Kankuro: Lets build!

(Same as the line b4 kankuro’s)

Chris: Ok Time to test your air plaines.

Shikamaru: Ok Lets test it!

( they wind it up, the propeller roars, and flies)

Naruto: Woo Hoo!!!

( Then the plain crashes into a tree)

Naruto: CRAP!!!!!!!!

Kankuro: Lets fly it!

( They all throw it, cuz it glides, with the help of kankuro’s puppets)

Jiraiya: Well it’s going good.

Chris: Well I think i know the winner’s here….. The Killer Kunai!!!!

Every one on the killer kunai: Oh Yeah!

Ramen Cups: Oh No!

Kool- Aid Man: Oh Yeah!!!!

Chris: can every one not say oh yeah, or oh no, cuz the kool-aid guy will come crashing into the scene

Kool-Aid Man: Ok Ok, i’ll go.

Chris: Thank You!

(the ramen cups are sent to camp fire pit)

Chris: The marshmallows tonight go to Naruto , Sakura, Kakashi, Kurinai, Shikamaru, and Hinata Yamato, Kiba. This is the last Marshmallow, the Final one goes to…………. Kiba.

Yamato: Bye everyone. I had a good time here.

Peter Griffin: CRAP! I WANTED HIM TO WIN TONITE!!!!! anyway Time to go. Cheese is good, eat 3 helpings of dairy a day!

Glenn Quagmire: Ok peter, lets go back to quahog.

Ok, now for the funnies

Hope u liked it!

Naruto Total Drama Island challenge #10

Post Author: Uzumaki Naruto

(ok guys. Here it is.)

Chris: Last Time On Total Drama Island, The campers ahd to play EXTREME BASKETBALL. the killer kunai won, and Ino got flushed. What will happen next on Total Drama Island!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!??!?!!!!???!!!

(Theme song plays)

Chris: Ok campers, today you see which team can sell the most candy!!!!

Naruto: This challenge seems less challengeing.

Chris: well, it will be… IN THE SOUND VILLAGE!!!!!!

Every one: HOLY CRAP!!!!!

chris: Here are your fake sound forehead protectors.

Shikamaru: We better transform so no body will know its us.

Chris:…..Ok! GO NOW!!!!

(The ramen cups at doors)

Naruto: Hello Sir, would you like to buy some candy?

Man: What do you have?

Naruto: Jawbreakers, butterfingers, crunch bars, baby ruths, caramel bars, almond bars, raisenettes, and hershey bars.

Man: I’ll have a hersheys.

Naruto: Ok, that ill be 10 ryo.(gets payed.)

Man: You know what, I’ll buy the whole box !

Naruto: Ok that will be 200 ryo. (Gets payed.) HEY SAKURA!

Sakura: mam would you like some candy?

Woman: No thank you.

Naruto: SAKURA!!!

Sakura: what is it?

Naruto: There’s some guy who will buy all of your candy, he lives on 986 main street.

Sakura: Ok well i’ll go there.

shikamaru: Mam, would you loke some candy?

Woman: sure, how much? and what would you consider?

Shikamaru: Butterfinger, and it’s 10 ryo.

Woman: Ok, here you go.

Kiba: (goes to a basket ball game) Candy, Candy here! 10 ryo! Candy here!

People: I’ll have this! I’ll have that! I’ll Have these! I’ll have that!

Kiba: Well its gone.

Kurinai: Hello sir, would you like some candy?

Man: I’ll buy the entire box, here is 200 ryo.

Kurinai: ok.

Chris: Looks like theyve already sold 3 boxes, lets see how the kk are doing.

Shino: Sir would you like to buy some candy?

Man: I’ll take 2. One butterfinger and one crunch bar.

shino: 20 ryo.

Gaara: 200 ryo, you can take the whole box!

Man: OK!!!


Homer Simpson: WOO HOO!!!!

Peter Griffin: That was awsome!!!! I’ll take 5 bars!!!!

Chris: Ok killer kunai, i have 5 marsh mallows on here, so they go to Jiraiya, Gaara, shino, and kankuro. Temari, Tsunade the final one goes to….Tsunade!!! Temari, see ya.

Peter griffin: I think that was good. Hello WORLD!!!!! I AM PETER!!!! HEAR ME ROAR!!!! he he he he he he he he he he.

ok now the funnies!

Naruto Total Drama Island challenge #9

Post author: Uzumaki Naruto

Chris: Last time on total drama island the campers had to make the best pasta sauce, and the Killer Kunai were sent to the campfire pit and it was pein who got the boot. Who will loose, who will win, and who will guest star on here? LOTS OF PEOPLE! Find out on Total Drama Island.

(theme plays.)

Chris: today you will be playing EXTREME BASKETBALL!!!!! you all know the rules for this game, I sent you a memo. If you diddnt get it then the rules are like basketball, but you will be riding bikes. and START!!!

Homer Simpson: Hello, I and other guest stars will be in the audience. They will be Tobi, Sai, Peter Griffin, my family, Dale Gribble, and the rest of the Griffin Family. See ya later, while i go have some donuts and or beer.

Naruto: Your Going Down

Tsunade: we’ll see about that.

Peter Griffin: PING PONG BALLS!!!!


Chris: Ok START!!!!!!!!!!!

(everyone starts)

Naruto: Ok….. OH YEAH!!!!! POINTS 1&2 Go O TO US!!!!!!

Jiraya: NOOOOOO!!!!!!

Sakura: Oh ok; now we get 3& 4

Jiraya: We get our 12345&6 now!!!!

Chris: The First one with 10 points wins.


Chris: Sorry Dude.

Gaara: Ok i made the 7&8th baskets.

Ino: We’re gonna loose!

Shino: Now 9&10!!!! WE WIN!!!!!

Lois Griffin: Oh no, they lost! PETER I BET MY MONEY ON THEM!!!!!!!!

Peter: Oh crap. I BETTER RUN!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH

Chris griffin: Hi!!!

Stewie Griffin: Wassup?

Meg Griffin: Well that was a good game!

Dale Gribble: That was good.

Hank Hill: Dale, you dragged usfrom texas all the way to this camp in california?

Dale: YEP.

Sai: Wassup guys!

( Hours later, and the ramen Cupsare sent to the campfire pit)

Chris the marshmallows go to Sakura Kakashi Shikamaru, Kurinai, Yamato, Hinata, and Kiba. Naruto, Ino, The final Marshmallow goes to…………………………………………………………………………………………………….Naruto. Ino, you gotta walk the dock of shame. Now What will happen next on Tot…

Kool-Aid Man: OH YEAH

Chris: Total Drama Island!!!!

Ok Guys….. Now for the Funnies.

Naruto Total Drama Island Challenge #8

Post Author: Uzumaki Naruto

( Here it is. this one is an original idea from my mind, the idea came from my mother’s homemade pasta sauce. Its the best i’ve ever tasted. If i had to eat a plate of just that, i would, that’s how good it is.)

Chris: Last Time On Total Drama Island The campers had to find a UFO, and i thought it was a joke, but it turned out that real aliens crashed the UFO. Any way it was Itachi who got kicked off. Now who will win, who will loose, and who will change my car battery be fore i gotta go home? Find out on Total Drama Island!!!!!

(Theme song plays)

Chris: Ok campers, your challenge will be to make the BEST pasta sauce you have ever tasted!!!

Naruto: Umm, were not from Italy, were Japanese.

Sakur: Naruto, you barely eat anything else but Ramen. I’ve had pasta before.

Shikamaru: My mother makes some good sauce.

Shino: mine too.

Chris: you will start now!!!!

Shikamaru: Well i guess we will make mine.

(everyone on the ramen cups votes shikamaru as head chef)

Shino: we better get satrted

(everyone on the killer kunai vote for shino as head chef)

Shino: Ok we need tomatoes, and herb for mine.

Shikamaru: ok we need 2 green bell peppers, 2 onions, a tablespoon of chopped garlic, tomatoes, canned tomato sauce, italian spice, and tomato paste.

Chris: did i mention you have cook some pasta, spaghetti, ziti rotini, any will do.

Shikamaru: Ok Naruto, your in charge of chopping the peppers, Sakura in charge of the onions, Ino in charge of the garlic, Kurinai, kiba hinata, & yamato, in charge of chopping the tomatoes, and kakashi, in charge of the spice. The sauce and paste, we can get. Here they are.

Shino: ok we need to chop the herb and tomatoes.

Shikamaru: now we need to boil the pasta

Shino: pasta time

Naruto: this looks good!!!!! MMMMMMMMM!!!!!

Sakura: yeah.

Chris: time for me to judge the sauces Shino your up

Shino:(brings up pasta w/ sauce) I think you’ll find it good.

Chris:(eats it) Not bad but will the ramen cups succeed?

Shikamaru:(brings it up) This is the best i’ve ever had!

Chris:(Eats it) Shikamaru’s pasta sauce wins!!!!!!

(Killer kunai get sent to the campfire pit)

Chris: there are 6 marshmallows on the plate, and there are 7 of you. The marshmallows go to Jiraiya, Tsunade, Gaara, Shinoand Temari, Kankuro, Pein the final marshmallow goes to…Kankuro. Ok I don’t know why pein got voted off, but it works.

Jiraiya: He got voted off because he’s part of the Akatsuki. We hate them.

Chris: Ok, Anyway good night guys. What will hapen next on Total Drama Island? Find out next time.


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