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Top Failings of the War Arc 2

Post Author: Kisuzachi

A little over a year ago I made a post about the most important failings of this current arc, and over the course of merely a year Kishimoto has topped every gripe i had. Essentially, in comparison to the current failings, last year’s list may actually be winnings, but only in comparison of course. Now, a thing like fails is somewhat subjective, but I think we can all be in agreement when I say some things are objectively bad. I’ll be posting this on my phone, so forgive the lack of colors, I ask.

1. The Villains are too powerful.

It is a common storytelling tool, especially in Shonen, that the next bad guy is typically stronger than the one before. However, it is important for one to not go overboard with this. when you’re careful, you go from a villain like Orochimaru to the Akatsuki. When not careful you end up with Madara, Obito and Kabuto. These three villains are so absurdly powerful that there is no convincing way to beat them without making them pants-on-head retarded. Then there’s the Jubi, whose menace is non-existant at this point since it continues to fail and have no real impact on anything. All tension dies the moment you remember Madara could drop a meteor on the battlefield and kill everyone there or that Tobi could just trap Naruto and Bee in his pocket dimension like he did with Fuu and Torune.

2. The Villains are bad.

Why is Madara evil? Because Tobirama rightfully said they should keep an eye on the Uchiha and because he wasn’t made Hokage. Hashirama is one o the worst characters I’ve ever ha the displeasure of knowing about. He was willing to sacrifice his life for an evil, selfish bastard in Madara that he had already defeated. He got upset at Tobirama for making the people vote for their leader instead of going along with him appointing Madara as leader. His entire character was devoted to appeasing Madara’s ego, and all this did was make Madara come off as a stupid, self-entitled brat with an incomprehensibly large mancrush on Hashirama.

What is Kabuto’s goal? He wants to follow in Naruto’s footsteps and overcome Orochimaeu like ┬áNaruto overcame the Kyubi like he said all those hundreds of chapters ago? Wrong! Okay, he wants to learn as many jutsus ad he can like Orochimaru did? No! Okay, i give up. Tell me what he wants. He wants to be Sasuke’s older brother. What. No, really, what? That is Kabuto’s nonsensical goal that in no way meshes well with him helping Tobi.

Tobi… oh Tobi. I don’t even know where to begin with this guy. When his mask came off two characters got kicked in the nuts by Kishimoto: Obito and The Masked Man (TMM). TMM was the nihilistic guy who spent most of his time onscreen getting to the point and avoiding lengthy talking. Obito was the one unambiguously good Uchiha that gave his beliefs to Kakashi, who in turn gave it to Naruto. After the mask came off, Tobi became incessantly whiny, the things he says no longer makes any sense and he contradicts himself every time he opens his mouth. “Don’t think this is about you and Rin, Kakashi.” then he says “You let Rin die, you’re trash.” and he continually thinks of her while onscreen.

3. The Uchiha

Remember how we were supposed to think the Uchiha massacre was a bad thing? In fact, we’re still supposed to think that. But why should we? This Arc revealed that every Ichiha is born with evil brain chakra… LOL. This is no joke, you read that right, evil brain chakra. What this means is every Uchiha, more than anyone else in the world, is predisposed to evil. This, in essence, means Tobirama would’ve been downright NEGLIGENT to not watch them, and a leader would be downright inept if the Uchiha were not massacred before they threw the world into chaos. No, Kishimoto, evil brain chakra does not Bsolve the Uchiha of their crimes, it just means they should’ve been dealt with faster.

4. Character Derailment

I’m gonna keep this section short, sweet and to the point.

A) Sasuke: suddenly becoming sane and joining the good guys, conpletely negating hundreds and hundreds of chapters of buildup. I swear you cannot handle someone switching sides worse than Sasuke the two times he did it.

b) Itachi: he moved from a tragic character to becoming Christ. Suddenly his parents were happy to be killed by him, lessening the paun associated with their deaths. He’s somehow good enough to be giving Naruto and Killerbee instructions in the fight with Nagato as if they were Genin. He tells Labuto he is lying to himself… but who or what makes Itachi good enough to tell Kabuto he is lying to himself. Kabuto busted his ass to get to where he was and WAS trying to find his true self through his biological knowledge, but Itachi goes “lolnope, I somehow know you better than yoh know yourself.” He’s a self-righteous asshole, but Kishi portrays his self-righteousness as noble. Disgusting.

C) Sakura: think about recent developments. Now think about what’s happened over the past 400 chapters. Let it sink in. Sakura has been storing up chakra all this time and refused to use that stored up chakra against Sasori even though he was gonna kill her and Chiyo. She didn’t use it when Naruto went 4tails against Orochimaru to help him. She didn’t use it against Hidan and Kakuzu. She didn’t use it during Pain’s invasion. She didn’t use it to beat Sasuke, even going so far as to say she’s useless and that she’ll just leave things in Naruto’s hands. She didn’t use it to heal Neji before he died. What this tells us is that she’s either a heartless monster or Kishimoto NEVER planned this and just did it to have shitty Sanin symbolism.

There are others, but if I went through them all we’d be here all night.

5) Broken Aesops.

Old generation being surprised by the new. Lol, right. Given what we saw in the Madara vs Hashirama battle, no ninja has surpassed those two. Madara easily beats all 5 Kages. When things looked their worst against the Jubi, the previous 4 generations of Kages come to save the day. The old generation kicks ass and the current one IS ass.

Unity is Stronger than all the Biju and kekkei genkai in the world. Bullshi-. Naruto and Bee are wasting time and chakra protecting the 50000 or so Ninja there. The “alliance” has literally contributed nothing to this that Naruto and Bee couldn’t by just throwing Bijudama after Bijudama at the Jubi. In fact, they’d likely have done more damage since Kurama wouldn’t have the need to be giving out his chakra like that.

Be your own person. Itachi vs Kabuto was basically one big PSA about being yourself because you’re the only you. The message exists in Naruto and Sasuke too. Before Kishi tried making Sakura ‘useful’, Naruto hadn’t used Jiraiya’s techniques and teachings for a hell of a long time because right now he’s forging his own legend. Sasuke abandoned Orochimaru and the Snake motif when he changed his team’s name to Hawk, and stopped using Snakes, instead summoning a hawk against Danzo. In a ploy to make Sakura seem like she has grown, he reverts Naruto and Sasuke’s character development to maintain Sanin Symlolism.

A happy world of lies is worse than a terrible world of truths.

Tobi: “Rin didn’t deserve to die. If this wold allows someone as good as her to die, it simply cannot be real.”

Kakashi: “I’ll kill the present you to maintain the past you.”

See the similarity?

My main problems with this arc fall into being very subjective, so I will end it here. I do hope yoi enjoyed this read, because I sure as hell enjoyed writing it more than I’ve enjoyed Naruto in the past 2 years. This post doesn’t come from a place of hate; I hate Twilight but you don’t see me devoting entire posts to it. No, thismpost is born from feelings of betrayal coming from someone that once loved this series. I hope this manga is coming to an end, but I also hope Kishimoto actually pits effort into this, or far more than he has been. This series, despite its many many many flaws deserves a strong ending. G’night Shannaro!

Naruto vs Rock Lee

Since the chapter won’t be out for a few more hours, enjoy this.

Top Fails of the War Arc

Post Author: Kisuzachi

At the start of the War, I was expecting the best arc in the entire manga. Just 5 chapters in and I realized it would never live up to the hype, but crumble under the weight of the countless missteps, bad plotting, and overabundance of characters.

1. The newer generation always surpasses the old.

The problem with a war arc in anything, is the lack of a focus, but that’s justified since wars are generally chaotic things. However, when you employ a certain theme in your story, your War arc, where everyone shows up on the stage, should exemplify that. Think of One Piece’s War; it was chaotic, all while Luffy was trying to get to his brother. One of One Piece’s most prevalent themes is bonds, and that War exemplified it. Naruto has the newer generation surpassing the old… except Madara who can just show up after being dead for decades and being 3 generations behind and mop the floor with the Kages, or the Rookie 9 being completely overshadowed by every single adult.

2. What ever happened to those guys?

Remember that thing about people being out-of-focus? Yeah, the characters you introduced since the beginning of the story, and have kept around all this time get little to no focus this arc. This ties in to the theme of “the newer generation surpassing the old”. You’d think this arc would’ve focused heavily on the Konoha 11/12/whatever the number is now doing stuff and growing into their own as Shinobi. Nope, you’d be wrong. This Arc instead focused on random ninjas we’ve never seen before and having dead ninjas seem “OMGUSOAWESUM!11!!” The characters the writer does give focus to (Shikamaru’s team) have already been developed, and if he knew he wouldn’t have the time to develop the others, then he should’ve used a team we’ve barely seen in the manga: Team 8 or Team Guy. For example, what is Tenten’s motivation? Kishimoto, develop the characters we’ve been invested in for hundreds of chapters, not the random characters you introduced 5 chapters ago.

Beware the army of naked men!

3. Only Naruto can save us now!

Yes, we get Naruto is the main character, but this situation is so niche it’s silly. Kishimoto created a situation where only Naruto can be of value. Yeah, that’s not how wars work. Everyone works together to achieve common goals, not wait for some superhero to come and save the day. What would the alliance have done if the Fox cloak didn’t give Naruto the power to sense evil intentions (that also raises the question of everyone being good)? We understand Naruto needed to get in on the action, but come up with a more believable scenario.

Then there was his scuffle with the Raikage. Um, were we supposed to be siding with Naruto in that? He just came off as a cocky, arrogant and selfish child. The Raikage’s argument even bested Naruto’s. The best Kishimoto could come up with was giving Ay a flashback and making Naruto say he’s the savior. I mean, WHAT!?

Should've been "Naruto saves the day"

4. Learn2War

Remember that bit about war being chaotic? Yeah, Kishi doesn’t seem to understand this. We keep seeing a group of shinobi and enemies standing still while two named characters fight. At least it seems that way. You’d expect kunai and shuriken to be flying all over, but all you ever see is random fodder ninja being blown away by a named enemy. Then there’s the infamous “half of each side’s forces died in one afternoon”. Yeah, no war has a death toll that high in just one bloody afternoon. And what were the odds that both sides would lose exactly 50% of their armies? Come on Kishi.

5. Edo Tensei.

This is undoubtedly the biggest fail of the War Arc. I mean, why revive characters that were neatly wrapped up, only to have them come back and be defeated again, showing us all what we already knew? Some characters were ever better left dead, so as their characters wouldn’t have gotten pussified. Zabuza was the badass ninja we all thought was epic cool when we first saw him, but when he returned he turned into a bleeding heart. What was the point of Asuma returning? So Choji could turn into a butterfly? Yeah, any enemy could’ve made that happen. Why bring back Nagato just so he can be sealed again and not contribute to the plot in any way? The point is, why bring back characters if they aren’t going to be doing anything worthwhile? Edo Tensei should’ve only revived characters we’ve never seen before, not characters we’re familiar with.
Well, that’s all folks.

Let’s hope this arc can get better, because right now with the Uchihaha bros fighting Kabuto, it still sucks.

Naruto Chapter 546 is OUT!

Protip: Click the image.

Naruto Rap Battle Conclusion

Profess = 17.54%

Tensa Grizzla = 3.51%

Fleece Johnson = 1.75%

Kisuzachi = 29.82%

Uchiha the Infamous = 28.07%

Envy = 1.75%

Suna no Ken = 15.79%

Naruruler = 1.75%


Kisu wins bishes,

He flows like the fishes,

Lyrics shiny like washed dishes

He’s got Raikage swag and is fly like witches!

Don’t Get a Boner, Cuz It’s The Naruto Rap Corner.

Bee: “Yeah, it’s that time,

So come with ya dopest rhyme.

Flowing cool like a curvy 9,

Drop your best Naruto lines.

Do your best not just fine,

The best get their chance to shine!”

Naruto Chapter 536 is Out!

Check it out


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