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Bleach Chapter 596: Rubb-Dolls 4

Chapter 596: Rubb-Dolls 4
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Byakuya is saved for the momement by the two zombie-men. Hasagi attack them but is beaten down easily by Zombie-Kensei.


Kensei then grabs his blade. Byakuya is cautious (understandable) but Zombie-Kensei simply returns the blade.

Mayuri seems quite content with his success in controlling Giselle’s zombies. Now aptly named members of the Kurosuchi: Corpse Properties Research Squad.

Suddenly howerever, they drop down, the marks on their eyes fading away. The Arrancar seems disgusted by the sight of the shinigami. Mayuri simply gives Kensei more serum making the dead deathgod scream in agony.

Mayuri then explains the details of how Giselle’s ability works before going into the details of what can be shortly summed up to this


ZOmbie-Kensei pierces Giselle’s heart marking the end of our he/she Sternritter.

Byakuya shares his concern over Mayuri’s actions. But they are interrupted when Peppe hits Kensei. unfortunately, Mayuri’s modifications made sure they don’t know the meaning of love, with that Kensei’s blows up another sternritter to pulp.

However, the little Sternritter shows up, standing next to Peppe.

It seems these sternritter have little love for another as I get the feeling she won’t be too kind on him after Pepper marked her friend.

Naruto Chapter 692: Revolution

Well.. for  a moment there, I thought we were done.

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

Bleach Chapter 595: Rubb-Dolls 2

Chapter 595: Rubb-Dolls 2
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Hey yo, welcome back…

It seems JUMP releases have been a day late for the last few weeks. A bit annoying for me since Friday is a long ass day at work-day.

Anyway. A new sternritter has introduced himself. The self-proclaimed love doctor ; Sternritter ‘L’ Pepe Waccabrada “the love”. I figured his abilities would be more devious in nature going by how he was presented before. But his power his quite different.


His power takes control of another person, much like Giselle, except his way to control the subject is love, not death.

Last week he captured Hisagi’s heart making the Shinigami attack his superior Kuchiki Byakuya. Pepe takes this time to explain to Byakuya some of his philosophy of conflict.

Byakuya already rendered Hisagi immobile and seems intent to waste no time into taking out the manipulator.

He moves his hand to make the shape of a heart and starts firing ‘hearts’ at Byakuya. It seems it can be blasted as a continuous stream making it harder to dodge. Byakuya eventually strikes the beam with his blade along with a comment that the Sternritter cannot manipulate the heartless.


However even though Byakuya is a cold-hearted man his blade still has a ‘heart’ and thus can be manipulated forcing Byakuya to discard his blade.

Pepe makes the wounded Hisagi get up, the lt coughing up blood but still seemingly pretty damn mobile. Byakuya rethinks his strategy while dodging Hisagi’s attack.

Pepe manages to hit him with his ‘love kiss’ as he calls it but it doesn’t hinder byakuya, making Pepe go ‘völlstandig’. A form I could have done with out, but it allows him to make use of his more advanced abilities. The surprisingly called ‘love rope’.

He manages to immobilize Byakuya, but stops hisagi from striking him down. Then pulls out his love bow from his throat.


But before he can fire he gets smashed by a foot to the head. No doubt it was Kensei’s.

Now these guys still seem pretty dead, but I have no doubt that Mayuri has regained control of these man, likely using the same drug he gave Toshiro. They look even more devoid of life, the black markings on their head reminding me a bit Ichigo’s hollow form.

I wonder how mindless they are, they don’t seem to be carrying their Zanpaktou’s though, or maybe they are simply out of few.

Naruto Chapter 691: Congratulations

A chapter of goodbye’s

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

Bleach Chapter 593: Marching Out The Zombies 4

Chapter 593: Marching Out The Zombies 4
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This weeks chapters start where last week left off… or does it…


The battle between the two captains starts off, Toshiro not wasting any time going on the offensive. Mayuri the thinking Captain has even gone as far as adding sensors to his blade allowing him to block any sword attack.

Toshiro’s blank stare doesn’t change in the slightest as he tries to hit him with his knee. Mayuri blocks with a what looks like a cushion which seconds later explodes damaging Toshiro’s knee which he covers in ice immediately after.

Soon after that he calls out his Bankai, which seems to work fine cover Mayuri in ice before piercing his chest ending this fight.


Except it doesn’t. Like groundhog day, Zombie Toshiro find himself back at the beginning of the fight. He makes note to Mayuri that he heard the comment before. Something Mayuri finds very interesting to hear. Hinting that our mad scientist knows exactly whats going on and is simply taking mental notes of his new drug’s effect on Toshiro.

After toshiro strikes down Mayuri again only to find himself at the beginning again he snaps at his opponent.

Mayuri notes that Toshiro has finally realized what is going on, going on a little rant about his drugs and the effect they give the user (Like the Arrancar Scientist super slow time). For Toshiro the effect is ‘Groundhog Day’ with the change that if he kills Mayuri he will reset, if he doesn’t. Also, with the drug incomplete, when the user has been reset more than 10 times some serious side effects kick in.


I love of Mayuri is drawn his messed mind working at its peak when he mentally screws with his opponent instilling fear of death in a lifeless zombie.

According to Mayuri we’ll get our answer last week!

Naruto Chapter 689: I love you

Go.. team 7?

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

Bleach Chapter 592: Marching Out The Zombies 3

Chapter 592: Marching Out The Zombies 3
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So, Ikkaku and Yumichika are pretty shocked to see the zombified Toshiro. I am not so much, since the last time we saw Toshiro he was pretty much knocked out after his Bankai revival making him an easy target. The only thing bugging me a little is that apperently, he/she had the time to dress him up all nice and Quincy. Something she did not do for the random Shinigami or even Bambietta.

Anyway, the life- and emotionless Toshiro strikes down the two remaing 11th squad members with ease. Stabbing Ikkaku in the back to finish him off after taking out one of his legs. Yumicka doesn’t last much longer before he gets struck down.


Mayuri calmly observes the zombies movements noting that he moves exactly the same way as he did when he was alive. He quickly notes that Toshiro was made a zombie whilst being alive.

Giselle acknowledges Mayuri assessment to which Mayuri calls out to him/her asking where the fun is in controlling a someone with no will or consciousness. Giselle does not find him/herself a sadist so she doesn’t have an answer.

One of the Arrancar jumps in underestimating Toshiro strength and gets struck down easily much to Mayuri anger. The captain does however keeps his Arrancar subject alive but decides to leave him there on the verge of death.


Mayuri goes on a bit of a chat toward Toshiro realizing the way Toshiro is he doesn’t really ‘hear’ him talk.

But short story short. Mayuri is very exited and eager to try about a myriad of drugs he wants to try out on dear Toshiro for the ‘sake’ of Sereitei.


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